1 *Blue Schwinn Team - Ray Cass' prototype race bike BE QW TE 1937
1 *Red Schwinn Team - Ray Cass' prototype training bike BE QW TE 1937
L / 7 *Green Probably a prototype. Uses standard headset cups rather than integrated floating race. BE OV TE 1937+
1 Chrome Oldest known Paramount of intro design BE OV TE 1938-
TS004 *White HAWKINS on BB, possibly Tom Schwinn's bike BE OV TE 1938-
A??? Chrome (first name?) Nelson's '48 Olympic backup bike BE OV TE 1938
?123 *White   BE OV TE 1938
A145 *White   BE OV TE 1938
A163 *White eBay BE OV TE 1938
A186 Burgundy Tourist model with stainless fenders. BE OV TE 1938
A194 Chrome Repaired with flat angled caps FA OV TE 1938
A198 *Red   BE   TE 1938
A200 *White Odd headtube uses an external cup for bottom of headset rather than integrated floating race BE OV TE 1938
A221 Maroon Modified with extra brace for brakes (since removed) BE OV TE 1938
A237 Silver eBay, Cyclo derailleur, Webb brakes   OV TE 1938
A286 White NOS, never built BE OV TE 1938
A287 *Blue Refinished by Schwinn in 60's with chromed lugs and fork ends. BE OV TE 1938
A325 Team White Team bike raced/owned by Al Crossley BE OV TE 1938
A374 Black Ladies Sports Tourist     1938
A435    BE OV TE 1938
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Seat stay caps: BE - Ball ends, FA - Flat angled
Front of head lugs: OV - Ovalized, SQ - Squared, NV - Nervex,
DW - Double Window, QW - Quad Window
Rear dropouts: TE - Track ends, FG - Forward facing geared

Asterisk (*) indicates a repaint
Years are approximate and under continuous refinement